Enroll your child in an online school from classes 1 to 11, where he will receive a quality education, while maintaining morality
Enroll your child in an online school from classes 1 to 11, where he will receive a quality education while maintaining morality
We are Umaclass, an online school. We educate children from grades 1 to 11 using the finest educational methods, supported by attentive and responsive mentors on a dedicated platform.

Classes are conducted in webinar or live session formats, with audio and video feedback.

⭐ The primary objective of Umaclass is to equip every student with the knowledge, skills, and moral principles required for modern life through engaging learning experiences and innovative IT technologies.

About school
Who is our school for?
For those who have moved to another country and do not live in Russia
For those who are not satisfied with their schooling
For those who are physically unable to attend school
Excellent students and those who want to deepen their knowledge
For those who don't like going to school
There may be many reasons, but they all have one goal - to get a quality education and create all the prerequisites for a successful professional career.
For those who travel a lot
For those frequently absent from school due to sports or creative pursuits.
For those who have switched to
family education
The cost of education starts from €12 per month.
What affects the cost of education per month?
Study in elementary,
or high school
Personal assistance from a teacher, curator, or tutor.
Attach to a local school
or get an opportunity
to pass an assessment
at a partner school
Study online with a teacher
or learn from lessons
in the recording
Technical solutions
For high-quality implementation and use of all these methods, we use modern technical solutions:

  • IT-platform
  • interactive whiteboard
  • polls during the lesson
  • interactive games
  • quests
  • bot-simulators
Trial lesson with a tutor
One day in the classroom
12 €
With a teacher
Live lessons for 30 minutes on the platform with a teacher via video link, pupils and teacher see and heareach other. The number of pupils on the lesson does not exceed 15 people.
from 60 €
Pricing Plans
12 €
Online certification. Convenient platform and user-friendly interface. Permanent information support. Tests according to the federal state educational standard without reference to specific textbooks and programs.
We are nearby
Live lessons on the platform with the teacher via video link, pupils and teacher can see and hear each other. The number of pupils on the lesson does not exceed 12 people.
from 120 €
from 180 €
At any time
Education in an online school with pre-recorded video lessons.
In touch
Live lessons for 40 minutes with a teacher on the platform, students see and hear the teacher, can ask a question in the chat, go on air at the invitation of the teacher.
from 60 €
Without attestation
With attestation
Trial day
One day in the classroom
Individual lesson
Additional Turkish lessons.
from 20 €
Group lessons
Additional classes in Arabic language.
5-8 people
12 €
Lessons with tutors:


  • Samira's Mom
    We really enjoyed studying at Umaclass. Samira is learning with great interest, and most importantly - with desire. She says she has never encountered such an interesting presentation of material anywhere else. That's why we are staying with you.
  • Yulia, mother of Ahmad and Lutfiya
    Ahmad enjoys his studies very much. Lutfiya also really liked the lesson. Thank you for your support and warm attitude. The children feel it and are fully immersed in the lesson.
  • Elena, Salima's mother
    My daughter is thrilled, she really enjoyed the math lesson. There were some microphone issues at the beginning, but she loved the lesson. Your classes are interesting. Thank you. We are considering continuing with you in the future.
  • Fatima, Musa's mom
    I want my child to have a good knowledge base. Today, his father talked with Musa and was pleasantly surprised by his knowledge of geography. There was a clear difference to compare with.
Our teachers
We conduct thorough selection and regular training for our teaching staff.
Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, Kazbek Shorov:
"The task of our school's teachers is to instill in children the skill of independent and effective learning so that they study with pleasure and ease."

  • Graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
  • Mathematics and physics teacher with over 10 years of experience.
  • Completed training in the methodology of online teaching for children with EdMarket.
  • Over 8 years of experience in the IT technology field.
  • Conducted over 700 online lessons.
All our lessons last 50 minutes, with a 10-minute break. For lower grades, the break can be up to 30 minutes.
Contact us
We will answer the questions of the online school or
help you switch to family education
Leave a request
Wait for our call --
from 9:00 to 21:00
Ask questions, and we will answer them and help you choose classes
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